Connectivity, Monitoring and Control of IoT Devices

Make sense of your world

Connect to Internet of Things (IoT) devices including energy meters, sensors and switches

Visualise information from multiple data streams using SimbleSense analytics platform

Control devices, enable efficiency savings and connect to your management system

IoT Platform displays data

Temperature, humidity, VOC including carbon monoxide, light level, occupancy, closure

Award-winning IoT technology

Innovative devices from our hardware partners

Supports transition to new energy

Displays electricity flow, water and gas as well as solar and battery data streams

Flexible and scalable

Additional sensor and device types added continually

Correlate & visualise information

For best practice efficiency benchmarking

Understand appliance consumption

Easily visualise plug-level load as a percentage of circuit level consumption

Create sensor based rules

Automatically turn off appliances at a certain time of day or when not in use

APIs for integration into existing applications

Integrate sensor data into your facilities database management system

Are you connected to the Internet of Things?