Aussie energy company Simble helps UK businesses cut their energy bill

Simble secures channel partnership with Powercor to bring new bundled energy solution to market.

SYDNEY, LONDON Simble Solutions Limited (Simble / ASX: SIS), an Australian software provider focused on energy management and mobility solutions, has landed a channel partnership agreement with Powercor UK to help customers cut yearly energy bill.

In the next few months, Simble’s Energy Platform, an integrated end-to-end solution that combines software-as-a-service with energy meters that monitor, control and monetise power usage in real time, will be offered to customers as a “bundled solution” to a major lighting manufacturer via the partnership.

The platform has a ‘two-way Smart Control’ functionality that will allow customers to remotely action and automate energy saving opportunities at the circuit and plug level.

Its real time dashboard will show customers where their greatest energy draws are, at what time of the day, and how efficient extra sources, such as LED light bulbs, may be.

“In the UK and overseas, an increasing number of households and businesses are embracing smart technologies and realising its potential for energy savings, and LED lighting is spearheading this movement,” said Fadi Geha, CEO of Simble.

“With the cost of LEDs falling 90 per cent over the past decade, we expect the industry to gain further momentum. We’re particularly excited to be able to provide an innovative technology that, through this bundle solution, directly impacts business savings and operation costs.

“We’re also thrilled to be the only analytics and control software provided to Powercor customers,” Mr Geha added.

Powercor has installed in excess of £20 million (AUD$36 million) of premium LED light installations for the company.

Chris Wright, Technical Director of Powercor, said: “Demand for LED technologies has reached a tipping point and Simble offers a clearly differentiated solution that allows us to work closely with clients as trusted advisers, bringing our expertise

in LED Lighting and control to help them reduce their energy consumption and operating costs. We can now provide our clients with detailed measurement and verification of the savings they can achieve through LED lighting and control projects, by offering the Simble Energy Platform, under a recurring subscription model that will help us further engage our clients and strengthen our client retention capability”.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Simble established a UK sales office 2017 to service legislative driven demand stemming from the UK Government’s smart meter rollout.

The market for energy management software systems was estimated to be US$32.4 billion 2016 and is projected to grow by 18.8% to reach nearly US$80 billion by 2021 as governments look for ways to promote energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions.


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About Simble
Simble Solutions (ASX:SIS) is an Australian software company focused on energy management and mobility solutions. The Simble Energy Platform or ‘SimbleSense’ is an integrated hardware and real-time software solution that enables businesses to visualise, control and monetise their energy systems. The Company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform has Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities and empowers enterprises and consumers to remotely automate energy savings opportunities to reduce their energy bill. Simble operates in the SME SaaS market and targets the distribution of its platform through channel partners. Simble has an international presence with offices in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), London (UK), Auckland (New Zealand), Dubai (UAE) and Da Nang (Vietnam).


About Powercor
Powercor is a leader in delivering high quality LED lighting technology and control systems and has been awarded with C-VAP (Certified Value Added Partner) status by Philips Lighting. Over the last 5 years Powercor have installed in excess of 150,000 luminaires of LED light installation for Philips lighting division in the UK. Powercor has worked with over 100 customers across 1000s of customers sites and is focused on public sector, office, commercial and industrial, educational and residential segments across the UK.

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