Next Tech Stock: A year in, Simble’s IoT solutions are lighting up

The world’s buildings consume a huge amount of energy. Residential buildings are believed to account for 40% of all energy use, while commercial buildings consume around 30% of available energy resources.

Therefore, solutions that help reduce buildings’ energy consumption have potential to make a meaningful dent in global energy use and deliver commercial rewards to the businesses and investors behind these innovations.

Attention from property developers, owners, and building managers is turning to address ways to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the need to combat rising energy costs.

While we’re still in the early stages of what is possible, energy management solutions are already becoming more readily available, largely thanks to the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

IoT technology is powering smart building management systems, delivering solutions to optimise a building’s energy resources, saving waste and dollars.

Backed by the power of IoT, Australian energy management software company, Simble Solutions (ASX:SIS), is targeting the energy management systems market via its IoT-enabled real-time energy visualisation platform that connects to smart devices.