Simble, preferred supplier of Energy Efficiency solutions to SSROC

Simble is proud to announce their recent selection as a preferred supplier of Energy Efficiency solutions to SSROC.
SSROC, the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, is an association of 11 Councils with a strong focus on the sustainability challenges, particularly the environment, transport, procurement, waste and planning.
Simble’s energy management dashboard, SimbleSense, offers sub-metering installation and analysis services for electrical plant and equipment.  This enables member councils to monitor usage across geographically diverse sites and assist in the measurement and verification of energy efficiency projects. 
Simble was selected based on the capacity of SimbleSense to capture, store, visualise and report on energy flows in a cost effective manner across multiple sites.
The SimbleSense solution met the following important criteria:
–       Quantify energy usage at sub-circuit/equipment level to provide ongoing and near real-time monitoring of energy consumption and demand.
–       Identifying energy wastage and efficiency opportunities, providing analysis of sub-metering data and action-oriented recommendations for reducing resource cost.
–       data presentation software that can accept data feeds from sub-metering equipment and provide trend analysis, threshold monitoring and alarm outputs to council staff and their advisors.
We look forward to this partnership and assisting councils in overcoming sustainability challenges.