Track Progress Towards Sustainability Targets

Monitor and Analyse your Carbon Footprint

Efficient capture of your energy and resource data

Generate insightful reports with advanced analytics

Identify opportunities to reach sustainability targets

Consolidated Data

A single database for all sustainability data in your organisation

Monitor trends and progress towards targets

Consolidate data from multiple sites nationally and internationally

Easily measure and report on international standards

GHG Protocol, NGERS, DEFRA and more

Automate data entry from utilities

Apply a systematic, best practice approach to checking and validating bills

Identify opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions

Gain insights and identify abatement opportunities

Intelligent Analytics to support financial management

Prepare budgets, allocate costs and analyse utility procurement

Report with confidence

Demonstrate the impact of energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives

Drive behavioural change

Reports to help employees understand the impact of their resource use

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