Next Tech Stock: $26 Trillion Market and Counting – Simble Solutions Expands its Energy Solutions into UK

Written by Jonathan Jackson.

The momentum swing away from traditional energy sources and towards renewable energy solutions has been significant.

Germany is a leader in the retreat from fossil fuels and has been for some time. Way back in 2014, 27% of its electricity came from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

At the time the Merkel government promised some of the most aggressive emission cuts— by 2020, a 40% cut from 1990 levels, and by 2050, at least 80%.

Germany has continued the good work, with its greenhouse gas emissions falling by 4.5% to 865.6 million tonnes in 2018 and is eyeing off a coal phase-out by 2038.

“2018 was a special year for climate policy,” Germany’s environment minister Svenja Schulze said at a press conference. Climate change had become “clearly palpable” during last year’s heat waves and drought, but the data showed that climate action does make a difference, Schulze said, pointing to policies like the expansion of renewable energy, the closure of some coal power plants, and the reform of the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

“Still, we have to do a lot more in the coming years,” Schulze said. She added the figures should add momentum to government efforts to step up the fight against climate change with a much-anticipated Climate Action Law this year.

It is a trend we are seeing all over the world; elections are being fought on climate policy, Democratic nominees in the US all stood in a line and voiced their concern about climate matters and even young students are trying to shift the concerns of their parents as we have seen with a spate of global climate change protests.

Europe, has thus far, been a major player in shifting the tide, and whilst the UK, will one day cede from the European Union (EU), it too looks to be doing its part.

One Australian company could have a major impact in the Queen’s country.

Simble Solutions (ASX:SIS), an Australian software company focused on energy management and Internet of Things solutions, has already made substantial inroads in terms of providing integrated hardware and real-time software solutions for the energy sector in Australia and the UK.