Simble and Wattwatchers cement strategic partnership

SMEs get a ‘new energy’ technology champion as high electricity and gas prices generate a world of budget pain

SYDNEY — Simble Solutions Limited (Simble / ASX:SIS), a software provider focused on energy management solutions, and Wattwatchers, a digital energy technology company, have today signed a new master agreement to continue to take their bundled energy efficiency solution to market as energy prices soar.

The Simble Energy Platform captures data streams from Wattwatchers devices for monitoring and controlling electrical circuits in real-time through the cloud. The agreement accelerates a successful four-year commercial partnership where intelligent hardware meets powerful software.

Simble CEO Fadi Geha said that nearly everyone in the energy management space wants to service the big corporations and retail chains, resulting in large numbers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) being forgotten.

“Given that there are hundreds of small businesses for every big one, there is a significant market opportunity for us to service this sector – one that needs energy management solutions that are the right fit for smaller equipment and service budgets, and time-and-resource poor owners and operators.

“We want to give SMEs – whether they are a community club, a dairy farm, a local coffee roaster, a family-owned restaurant, a council depot or a small manufacturer access to the kind of sophisticated, intelligent, value-adding energy management that big businesses pay enormous amounts for, but in packages that smaller enterprises can afford.

“It’s a safe bet that they’ll all be feeling budget pain from record high energy costs, and they’ll be looking for a solution that fits their circumstances.”

Together, Simble and Wattwatchers will be targeting a growth spurt in energy services for SMEs across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

“Our globally-deployable solution combines intelligent devices with powerful analytics and user interfaces,” added Fadi Geha.

“We are focused on building out a channel strategy to ensure that we reach smaller businesses wherever they are operating.”

Leading energy service companies such as Energy and Carbon, Ndevr, Pangolin Associates, and pitt&sherry are already using Simble’s Energy Management Platform in Australia to help businesses understand their energy use and ultimately save money.

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz said the partnership escalation was a natural next step for both companies.

“It’s a classic hardware meets software relationship where the sum of the parts adds value for both of our businesses as well as our customers.

“Now, with both Wattwatchers and Simble focusing on accelerated growth in Australia and internationally, it’s the right time to refresh the partnership including a new master supply agreement that reflects the expanding Wattwatchers product range, and our strategic alignment in the marketplace.”

Fadi Geha agreed, saying: “Both companies are geared for growth. The market for digital-based energy services is taking off and this collaboration is timed and designed to meet the needs of the often-forgotten small and medium-sized enterprises.”


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About Simble
Simble is an Australian enterprise SaaS company that is focused on business and resource management. Its solutions help businesses automate, mobilise, monetise, control and visualise their operations. Simble’s enterprise products are currently employed by a range of public and private sector organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Customers include local government, large corporates, SMEs and healthcare providers.  For more information visit:

About Wattwatchers

Wattwatchers is an Australian technology company focused on devices, data and communications to make behind-the-utility-meter energy management ultra-smart, easy-to-install and cost-effective. Wattwatchers makes ‘IoT for energy’ hardware + firmware + software solutions to accurately monitor and control electrical circuits in real-time through the cloud. The internationally-certified Wattwatchers product suite is highly flexible, crossing over for residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases. More information at:

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