Media Release: The Carbon Accounting Alliance calls for sector standardisation and regulation to support the transition to net zero

21 November 2023: The Carbon Accounting Alliance (CAA) has been launched to encourage greater oversight and professionalisation of carbon accounting to accelerate the effectiveness of the industry. Founded by Planet Mark and ClimatePartner, this first of its kind organisation represents 35+ software companies, consultancies, auditors and certifying bodies collectively measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for 23,000+ organisations, with more than 587 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) measured and more than 6 million tCO2e reductions achieved from baselines.

Despite important strides in standardising approaches for measuring GHG emissions, the CAA recognises that the GHG Protocol, science-based targets, ISO and PAS standards still leave room for interpretation when it comes to certain methodologies, rules and emission factor database choices. The Alliance also recognises the need for formal qualifications to be required across jurisdictions to professionalise and create consistency in carbon accounting services provided.

The CAA aims to improve support for the global net zero transition through a commitment to actively engage industry, policy makers, regulators and other international bodies, as well as collaborating and sharing learnings between companies operating in the carbon accounting industry. This includes a call to action for organisations worldwide to use the tools of carbon accounting to drive transition plans and direct emission reductions. CAA Members recognise that measurement and reporting alone will not solve the climate crisis; it must be coupled with meaningful action.

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