Simble and Utiligroup Bet on Shake Up of UK Energy Market

SYDNEY – Australian Energy Management and IoT Software company Simble Solutions is utilising British-based software company Utiligroup’s uSmart platform to help UK residential energy customers reduce their energy bill as the UK Government rolls out its Smart Metering Programme.

One of the key advantages of a smart meter is providing consumers access to their energy consumption, bringing an end to estimated billing as consumers pay only for the energy they actually use. The UK government has mandated that all energy companies roll out 53 million smart meters across all business and residential customers by 2020.

Smart meter technology is a crucial step towards a smart energy grid, but the rollout has also opened up the door for innovation.

While smart meters show how much energy is consumed, the Australian IoT and software company Simble is taking this to a new level with the development of their real-time energy visualisation platform which connects with smart devices. The platform allows consumers to visualise and control their energy consumption and therefore identify opportunities to save millions on their energy bills.

The “Aussie” software company has made an early push into the UK market as government policies shake up the industry. The go to market strategy will be supported by the use of a software platform from a leading software and technology company, headquartered in the north-west of England.

Utiligroup – a software and technology company – has a vision to turn market change and technology disruption into customer benefit. The British software company was acquired by Accel-KKR in 2017 to become part of its global utility platform business ESG. Utiligroup works with over two-thirds of the energy suppliers in the UK market.

Through the utilisation of Utiligroup’s uSmart DCC solution, Simble will provide residential households access to smart meter data via a DCC service application, thus giving power back to the consumer and revolutionising the UK energy market. The analytics and insights gained from smart metering will allow consumers to utilise the full potential of smart technology.

“Domestic residential energy consumers want transparency as well as access to their data and we’re giving it to them”, said Fadi Geha, CEO of Simble. “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where we will integrate with Utiligroup’s market leading DCC solution which will enable us to bring a product to market that will benefit the average UK household. Utiligroup is helping the energy industry operate smarter and more efficient, which is what Simble is all about.”

Matthew Hirst, CEO of Utiligroup commented: “We are delighted that Simble has chosen to work with Utiligroup to provide the essential connectivity to the UK’s brand new DCC system for smart meters, which integrates with Simble’s own exciting technology. We believe that Simble’s approach will provide an innovative approach to solving the problem of soaring energy prices and has the potential to empower our clients and their consumers alike.”

The market for energy management software systems was estimated to be US$32.4 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow by 18.8% to reach nearly US$80 billion by 2021 as governments look for ways to promote energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions.


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