Energy Visualisation & Analytics Platform

Making Energy Visible for Business

Affordable, enterprise-grade total energy management solution

Connects to live energy meters and sensors or to your own data stream

White-labelling and customisation available for partners and larger clients

Real-time data feeds

An essential operational tool to manage demand costs

Circuit and plug level monitoring and analysis

Intuitive drill-down navigation to understand power quality, usage and cost

Easily spot outliers through heat map visualisations

Identify issues to maximise energy efficiency program ROIs

Verify savings from energy efficiency projects

Hold suppliers accountable for savings from energy efficiency upgrades

Multi-device and multi-site

Benchmark the most energy efficient sites or operational metrics

APIs for integration into existing applications

Integrate energy data into your BMS or facilities database management system

Incorporate environmental sensor information

Use temperature data from IoT sensors for environmental data analytics

Foyer displays for energy consumption

Promote your corporate sustainability with a live feed to your achievements

Do you have control of your energy costs?