Acresta announces Georgiou One App Launch with Presentation at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

GARTNER SYMPOSIUM/ITxpo, GOLD COAST, 30 October 2013 –  Acresta announces Georgiou One App Launch with Presentation at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013 software solutions provider Acresta announced that Georgiou recently launched their One App mobile solution, built on the BlinkMobile Platform to their users.

Andy Rhodes, IT Manager at Georgiou presented the benefits of the solution to the Gartner audience at the Emerging Technologies Theatre today. Errol Keyt, Chief Financial Officer of Georgiou said: “The platform offered a way for us to be a paperless workplace while at the same time mobilising all of Georgiou’s forms and enabling them to be accessed by any smart device. The resulting mobile app was extremely intuitive, even for non-IT literate staff.”

Fadi Geha, CEO of Acresta commented, “We are delighted with the success of the implementation of  the BlinkMobile solution at Georgiou, a company that relies on a large number of fieldworkers. The implementation of the BlinkMobile Platform at Georgiou has clearly demonstrated the advantages of automating forms capture and workflows and stream-ling the data capture process, even in off-line mode.”

About Georgiou

Building construction, engineering and property development company Georgiou which is  based in Perth, has about 800 staff across Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria, with staff accessing approximately 600 computer or smart devices. Having initially implemented the BlinkMobile Platform to mobilise operational and safety forms frequently required by field staff, Georgiou have also mobilised their HR forms.

 About Acresta

Acresta is a global provider of enterprise software solutions and services with headquarters in Sydney, delivering innovative business software solutions. As a national reseller and partner of BlinkMobile, we deliver customised mobile apps and mobile forms, mobile enabling workforces with minimal customer IT resources. Acresta’s product portfolio also includes CarbonView (sustainability software), Good Technology (secure data on mobile devices) and Recite (website accessibility software).


Fadi Geha CEO, Acresta

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