Press Release: Acresta’s GridAnalytics energy monitoring provides benchmarking for Canterbury Bankstown City Council

MAV Environment Conference: Leading in a Warming World, MELBOURNE, 12-13 July 2016 – Acresta announced Canterbury Bankstown City Council’s introduction of GridAnalytics energy monitoring into their Sustainability program to provide accurate facilities benchmarking. Municipal sports facilities such as aquatic centres are significant users of energy for local governments.  The Canterbury Bankstown City Council Sustainability Team had the foresight to benchmark usage at a mixed-use facility in Revesby prior to a planned energy efficiency project.  By using an innovative IoT (Internet of Things) sub-metering system from Acresta, council staff are able to identify and track the largest users of electricity at the centre. Key to the project was being able to easily separate the functions of water filtration vs heating for both outdoor and indoor use.  Benchmarking across seasons is also important for creating a meaningful baseline.

Anne Fitzsimmons, Sustainability Projects Officer, at Canterbury Bankstown City Council said: ‘After a successful trial of the platform in our Civic Tower Office Building, we decided to use GridAnalytics at the Max Parker Aquatic Centre. The Acresta team provided the expertise to design a system specifically for the facility and worked closely with facilities management during installation. We are now reaping the benefits by using the information to accurately specify a new heat pump for an upgrade, prepare a business case for the works by verifying savings from the planned upgrade and investigate how much solar PV could be installed to offset energy use and maximise financial and GHG savings’.

Fadi Geha, CEO of Acresta, commented ‘I am delighted to welcome Canterbury Bankstown Council as a GridAnalytics customer of Acresta.  We look forward to assisting them in leveraging our software and IoT solutions to improve operations and energy efficiency in their facilities’.

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Acresta is a global provider of enterprise software solutions and services with headquarters in Sydney, delivering innovative sustainability software solutions. Acresta’s energy management solution, GridAnalytics enables facilities and energy mangers to form action plans using detailed energy information. The Acresta product portfolio includes CarbonView (sustainability software), the Blink Mobility Platform, Engagor, Grabba, GridAnalytics, iProximity and more.

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