Email etiquette

Maintaining a professional image is extremely important to Simble and should be an important consideration for all when communicating both internally, and externally with clients. This protects not only your own personal image and reputation, but also the image and reputation of Simble.

Here are some things to think about when sending email:

  • Think before using ‘reply all’ 

Usually there should be one name only in the ‘To’ field. Use the ‘cc’ field for FYI. If you send to multiple people, mention in the email who you would like to take action.

  • Use appropriate salutations

‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ or ‘Dear’ rather than ‘Hey’

  • Be wary using humour

Remember that humour does not always translate well when written

  • Ensure you reply to emails

It can be difficult given the large volume of emails we receive, but try and respond to each one

  • When composing

Add the email address last – so that you don’t send a half-written email be mistake

  • Select the correct name from your address book

Take a moment to check as it can be embarrassing if the email goes to the wrong person

  • Use exclamation points sparingly

Try and limit yourself to one!

  • Proofread

Don’t always rely on spellcheck as it does not know when you have selected the wrong word, eg. ‘Sorry for the incontinence’ or ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’

  • Be mindful of tone

Be aware that messages can often sound more harsh when written. Avoid capital letters, as this is the equivalent to yelling.

  • Keep in mind

Don’t write anything that is hurtful or ruinous as nothing is confidential.