Extraction Layer API

To leverage these partnerships and resulting business opportunities Simble must be “nimble”: quick to develop new capabilities, quick to bring these to market and responsive to changes in demand.

Some strategic developments generate revenue, others build channel. Sometimes in order to develop new alliances and opportunities, we must use strategic developments projects to win accounts and business opportunities. We currently have two projects, the DCC app and Foyer display underway following this model.

 The Simble development team implemented a new way of working for these short strategic projects run in short iterative development cycles that enable the team to create a POC (proof of concept) or strategic product quickly.

The concept uses an “Extraction Layer API” which is separate to the core SimbleSense platform and can therefore be added to or enhanced quickly. This API layer is not a replacement or alternative to the core SimbleSense product – it is simply an extension of the platform. The core SimbleSense product will continue to follow the same path and use the SimbleSense team’s current sprint processes and duration. The Extraction Layer API affords us an opportunity to utilise small agile teams of cross functional skills to get projects completed quickly and effectively, while minimising disruption to the SimbleSense core.