I’ve sent you an email to let you know that I have sent you an email

By Simon Herrmann – Honest and Open Communications Champion in Sydney

Emails or text messages have enhanced our ability to communicate productively and efficiently, but it’s easy to see a downside to our over-reliance on emails and texts. I encourage you to prioritise real-time conversations whenever possible and share important information without waiting for someone to ask. Why?

Have you ever tried to make a joke by email but the recipient didn’t get it? Well that’s because communication isn’t carried out by words alone but also body language facial expression or intonation. Research shows that personal and real-time conversation resonates better with the listener – the brain is more likely to ‘trusts’ the information. Also, miscommunication is less likely to occur as the joke example shows.

Conclusions: If you need to discuss something important, pick up the phone or speak to the person directly.