Channel Insights and Tips

Bill Dimopoulos – Head of Channel Sales and GTM

As we are on the journey to become a channel led and channel centric organisation we need to think about the concept of the  ‘Channel Partner’s customer’.

In fact whilst we maintain contact with end user customers on key opportunities, it is the channel that becomes our first line customer who in turn will be selling solutions and our value propositions downstream to their customers who will be subsequently activating our services.. Both ( Channel & their customers ) are very important assets in our business chain not only in growing our capacity to drive top line revenue growth but also providing access to new customers, markets and opportunities.

Driving solid channel experience and engagement builds sustainable revenues and ongoing access to these opportunities which is built by trust, consistency in engagement and our ability to support good customer experiences for their customers.

It is important we treat both ( Channel & Customers )  equally with importance and priority, and as a result of great efforts by the Simble team, we now have access to significant multisite opportunities that will drive strong sales momentum for the second half of the year.