P&C Workshop in Vietnam

Simon Heikkila, Vietnam

The Vietnam team had the pleasure of hosting Mark Duke (CFO) this month. Mark made the trip to host our People & Culture workshop and join a team-building session for our Vietnam Team.

Being a global company is a significant advantage for Simble; it also means that we have to work hard to develop and maintain strong connections across geographies.  As we look to the future and prepare for rapid growth, it’s essential that we build the foundations for a single, global culture and promote alignment towards a common goal.

The People & Culture workshop gave us the opportunity to review the commonalities and differences of cultural preferences across our three locations.  We discussed the company Core Values and nominated our Cultural Officers to uphold and promote these values within our office.

Fadi Geha (CEO) also joined the workshop remotely. He shared the broader vision for our company and hosted a Q&A session for the team.

Our teambuilding workshop was at BaNa Hills. We took a ride on the world’s longest cable car to reach the BaNa Hills resort, where we participated in a few teambuilding exercised intended to foster greater cohesion between our team.  There were lots of smiling faces as we worked our way through several challenges that required teamwork and lateral thinking for success.

It was a pleasure hosting Mark, and we look forward to welcoming other members of our global team in the coming months.