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Diversity Policy

The Board has not adopted a formal diversity policy. However, the Board Charter provides that the Board should comprise people with a mix of skills and diversity of backgrounds to enable the Board to discharge its duties effectively. It is the Board’s intention to continue to consider matters of diversity in the course of its recruitment and retention on the basis of merit. Although this is a departure from recommendation 1.5, the Board considers it appropriate given the current size of Simble. The Board does not believe this departure will be detrimental to Simble or its Shareholders.

Performance Evaluation Policy

The role of the Board in respect of performance monitoring includes undertaking an annual evaluation of the performance of the Board, each Board Committee and individual Directors, comparing their performance with the requirements of the Board Charter, relevant Board Committee Charters and the reasonable expectation of individual Directors.

Dividend Policy & History

The Company does not expect to pay any dividends until such time as the Directors are of the opinion that the financial position of the Company warrants it.